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The SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers and the local floorball club, the Jona-Uznach Flames, are planning a common double sports hall in Jona's Grünfeld.

SCRJ Lakers: looking for more space for their youth players

The reason for it is quite simple: both clubs are lacking space for their youth players. The double sports hall project, which is projected to cost about CHF 15-16 million, however, still has some question marks when it comes to the financing and maintenance part.

While the SCRJ Lakers are financially ready, the Uznach Flames, who will have to contribute about CHF 6 million to the whole project, have some difficulties to raise this money. According to the club's president, Mike Zimmermann, the club currently still lacks a deep six-digit amount from a sponsor or a generous patron: "We would be happy to receive a final financial contribution, a final boost to our project. If anyone would like to support the Flames, we would be very happy," Zimmermann tells the Südostschweiz.

The SCRJ Lakers, for their part, are showing understanding for this situation: "Of course we are interested in a quick realization, however, we also now about the political processes and understand that such a project can only be presented to the poeple if all documents and financing questions have been clarified," Lakers' CEO Markus Bütler tells the same source.

The SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers' and Uznach Flames' common double sports hall project might be presented at the local citizen assembly in autumn this year and is not expected to be realized prior to the 2021-2022 season.

( 18 April 2019 | rlu )
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