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After a testing phase over the last three games of the past season, EV Zug has decided to definitely introduce dynamic ticket prices.

EV Zug wants to introduce dynamic ticket prices.

It's an easy calculation: The greater the demand for tickets for a certain game, the higher the prices - and vice versa. As EV Zug's CEO Patrick Lengwiler says to Zentralplus, this measure is not about maximizing ticket prices: "It's to optimize the utilization of our arena for games against less attractive opponents," he says.

«It's to optimize the utilization of our arena»
Patrick Lengwiler

As Lengwiler further explains, a ticket for EVZ's standing area no longer has a fixed price of CHF 28.-, the price range will now span between CHF 19.- and 31.-, depending on how many fans want to see a certain game live at the arena. Not affected from the measure are season ticket holders and fans from the opposing team.

EVZ's fans, however, are not happy with the introduction of dynamic ticket prices. The fan community "Herti Nordkurve Zug" opposes the measure in a statement: "In our opinion, attending a game should be affordable for everyone, no matter who's the opponent." In case EVZ will actually introduce dynamic ticket prices, they "reserve the right to take action against the system."

( 15 July 2019 | tme )

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