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In an interview with Zentralplus, EV Zug's new import-player explains his choice and also talks about his goal for the upcoming season.

Jan Kovář is hungry to win another title

In mid-June the deal between EV Zug and Jan Kovář was sealed: the 29-year-old Czech forward had signed a one-year contract with the Bulls. "I think it's better for the club and me to see if it fits for both sides," Kovář explains the short contract duration to Zentralplus. "If that's the case, we can always talk about extending the contract."

«It's better for the club and me to see if it fits for both sides.»
Jan Kovář

Kovář also explains why he chose EVZ over the other interested clubs in Switzerland: "There was no other club where I felt such a hunger for victory," he says. "I really wanted to be part of this project."

For the Czech international it is also clear what the big goal is in Zug next season: "I'm aware that there can only be one goal for a team that has reached the finals twice in the last three seasons," Kovář says to the same source. "Winning the title."

( 25 July 2019 | tme*ech)

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