National League

With the Canton of Ticino banning all sporting events until March 29, it will come to a reassessment by the league on Thursday.

How to continue the season?

In reaction to the decision of the cantonal government, the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation announced today that the clubs from the National and Swiss League will hold a phone conference on Thursday to discuss the new situation.

The Canton of Ticino declared the state of emergency today due to the continued spread of the Coronavirus and - as a consequence of that - the ban of all sporting events until at least March 29. What exactly this means for the continuation of the Championship in both the National and Swiss League remains to be seen.

"I always said that I have full confidence in our authorities and our health system. The message spread during the press conference today is strong and important. Basically, they closed our home and told us that we cannot run our business any longer. There is nothing left than to adapt and implement those measures," HC Lugano's CEO Marco Werder tells Teleticino.

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