National League

As Willy Vögtlin, who is responsible for the schedules, says to Blick, the clubs would rather scratch the playoffs than shorten the regular season.

To complete the regular season is the clubs' priority.

"It will be tight," Willy Vögtlin says when asked by the Blick if it will be possible to play all 52 games of the regular season under the current conditions. And he also says: The clubs would rather do without the playoffs than shorten the regular season. "It's also about TV and sponsorship money," Vögtlin explains.

But a season without playoffs would be the worst-case scenario. There are also other options at hand. "There are plans to shorten the playoff rounds," Vögtlin says. "The three series would be played in best-of-three mode. Should we have to do without playoffs, we could play until May 11."

However this season will turn out, the main goal of the clubs most certainly has not changed: That all clubs have to survive the pandemic.

( 02 November 2020 | tme* )