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Andres Ambühl, Sven Jung, Chris Egli, Davyd Barandun and Oliver Heinen will all stick around for at least two more years.

Assembling their squad for next season: HC Davos

With 17 contracts running out, HC Davos has a lot to do when it comes to putting together a roster for the coming season. Five of those deals have now been extended, with captain Andres Ambühl among them.

Ambühl will stick around for another two seasons. The 37-year-old has been part of Davos for most of his career, besides a stint in North America (2009-10) and three terms with the ZSC Lions (2010-13). He has been wearing the "C" on his chest since 2014. Fellow forward Chris Egli will also be part of the team for another two seasons.

On defense, Sven Jung, Davyd Barandun and Oliver Heinen have also received extensions. The former, who joined Davos in 2013 after three years in North America, will stay until 2025, while the two latter ones will stay for one less season, taking them to 2024.

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