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The 28-year-old forward, who will soon count as an import-player on Swiss ice, would like to stay in the Leventina.

Diego Kostner wants to keep wearing white and blue.

"I feel very well in the Leventina and I would like to continue this relationship," Diego Kostner tells the Corriere del Ticino. But he also states that it does not depend on him alone: "At the moment - considering the particular period - the priorities are different and it's ok like that. We will think about it in due time."

«To see the cards on the table change overnight is painful»
Diego Kostner

The future might sure look differently for the Italian, who is in possession of a Swiss license. With the league reform, he would count as an import-player as of 2022. "It hurts, I won't hide it," Kostner says. "To see the cards on the table change overnight is painful. (...) I sincerely hope that this decision can be discussed again in the coming months."

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