National League

As Le Matin explains, each team will play four times against every other team for a total of 52 games in the regular season.

With the promotion of either EHC Kloten or EHC Olten, the National League will count 14 teams as of next season. One of the changes brought by the increase to 14 clubs will be that the schedule will be simplified with the abolition of the regional groups.

At the end of the regular season, the first six teams in the standings will enter the playoffs, while the teams ranked 7th to 10th will play in the pre-playoffs. The season of the two teams in the 11th and 12th place will be over, while the bottom-two teams will face each other in the playout. The loser will then have to play for a spot in the National League against the champion of the Swiss League, but only if the latter fulfills all the criteria for the promotion.

( 08 April 2022 | lle )