Swiss League

Due to the relegation format in the Swiss League, team managers see the development of young players in jeopardy.

No future for the SL's relegation-format?

It is the first year now in which a relegation-format has been re-introduced in Switzerland's second-highest league - and it could already be the last, as the Neue Zürcher Zeitung reports. Team managers from the National League are preparing a vote at the league's assembly in February to stop the relegation.

In order to stop it already in the current season, a two-thirds majority would be necessary, the NZZ writes. If that was the case, there would nevertheless be a promotion from the MySports League. As a consequence, the Swiss League would include 13 teams as of next season.

With the EVZ Academy, EV Zug's farm team, and the HCB Ticino Rockets, in which HC Ambrì-Piotta, HC Lugano, and HC Davos are involved, there are currently two teams battling relegation in the Swiss League that are supposed to develop young players for the National League.

( 02 December 2019 | tme* )
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