Swiss League

The building department has extended the special use regulation, however, only until the next overhaul of the roundabout.

EHC Kloten

The story of the controversial giant puck in a roundabout in Kloten has reached its end. This puck, made up of 7700 individual pucks was installed for the 80th anniversary of EHC Kloten in 2014. At the end of September 2019, the temporary permit from the building authorities expired, causing a feud between the building authorities of the Canton of Zurich, who saw the logo on the puck as a big advertisement, which is not allowed in a roundabout, and the city council of Kloten, which saw the puck as a work of art that was not to be changed.

Now, as the NZZ reports, the government council of the Canton of Zurich changed its point of view in what was considered a borderline case, seeing that the puck has become a landmark for the city of Kloten. The building department of the canton has therefore reassessed the situation, granting this special permission until the next maintenance work.

( 24 January 2020 | lle )