Swiss League

The Swiss League team will also be able to count on the services of SC Bern's Ronny Dähler.

Luca Wyss returns to Langenthal after one season in Zug
SC Langenthal

While Luca Wyss technically has a valid contract with the EVZ Academy for the 2020-21 season, SC Langenthal's team manager Kevin Schläpfer tells the Berner Zeitung that he will return to Langenthal: "The contract has been negotiated but not yet signed."

The deal is expected to come through soon, though. Ronny Dähler is also supposed to join Langenthal. He will, however, only play on loan from SCB for the Swiss League team. Furthermore, Schläpfer is looking to add a defenseman. It is thus likely that Tyler Higgins or Nikonor Dobryskin will see their tryout contract turned into a "real" contract.

( 22 September 2020 | mso )

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