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After 13 consecutive seasons with EHC Visp, the 32-year-old has decided to retire, but he already has new plans in hockey.

Sandro Wiedmer will become a referee.
EHC Visp

Sandro Wiedmer will hang up his skates at the end of the season - but not entirely. While starting a new professional life, he will also undergo training to become a hockey referee and might thus at some point return to the Swiss hockey arenas in his new capacity.

When joining EHC Visp in 2008, however, Wiedmer did not plan to stay there for too long. "A planned transition year eventually turned into 13 seasons," Widmer says. "The reason is simple: I liked it very much in the upper Valais."

Over the course of his 13 seasons with EHC Visp, he celebrated the Swiss League championship with the team twice, in 2011 and in 2014.

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