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Today, the newly founded EHC Olten Prospect AG takes up its work. Its mission is to one day have a top scorer from their own youth.

EHC Olten has big goals in terms of youth development.

On May 1, the EHC Olten Prospect AG has been founded with its board of directors consisting of Max Feuz (president), Oliver Bono (vice president) and Patrick Reber (as representative of EHC Olten). Roland Schibler will lead the organisation as CEO.

One measure is the creation of a talent development class for sports and culture in OIten. Talented young people in various disciplines from the Mittelland region should be given the opportunity to combine sport and education in an ideal way.

To provide their young players with an ideal environment, they plan to add more coaches to their staff so that there will be a professional coach for every age group. They also want to bring all of their youth teams to play at the top level in their respective age group.

According to the Oltner Tagblatt, the budget in the first year is CHF 500,000, which they will try to increase by 10 to 15 percent annually. The money will come mainly from sponsoring, but also from membership fees as well as events and activities.

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