Swiss League

EHC Winterthur needs to increase their budget and get more fans to the arena. For this, generating an identity is key, their CEO says.

"It's a fierce fight for attention," Mario Antonelli says in an interview with Der Landbote about the competition among sports teams in Winterthur. To get more than just their "450 regular customers" to the arena, they need a clear identity, he says. "It's about attitude: We have to be ready to earn every single spectator."

Asked if not a more successful team would help in their quest for more spectators and, as a consequence, more money, Antonelli says yes, but: "The people who come to the game only because we win are also the ones who stop coming when we lose again. So that can't be a business model."

To win the fight for attention, EHC Winterthur needs more visibility, Antonelli is sure, also on Social Media. "We have to exploit all possible channels," he says. "It's also about sending out a clear message and having an image so that the spectators will come."

( 03 December 2021 | tme )