Swiss League

SC Langenthal announced this week that they will no longer play in the Swiss League next season. Other teams might follow their example.

According to the Tages-Anzeiger, EHC Winterthur and the HCB Ticino Rockets are also contemplating leaving the second-tier league. They want to receive facts and figures for the upcoming season from the SIHF by Christmas.

"In principle, we want to stay in the SL, but only if it is financially feasible and with a common perspective," Rolf Löhrer, president of EHC Winterthur, states. The same applies to the HCB Ticino Rockets.

"That would be extremely unfortunate for this project," Sébastien Reuille, team manager of the Rockets, states. "We've done a lot for the league in the last six years and also for young players who could gain experience with us." They also need to know the league's plans for the next season as fast as possible, as their sponsoring contracts would not be valid for a lower-tier league.

As for the size of the league, three teams from the MyHockey League were interested in being promoted to the Swiss League: EHC Arosa, EHC Chur, and HCV Martigny. However, depending on how the entire situation will develop, they might also lose interest, says at least Arosa's Fetscherin: "We would now have to think carefully about whether this would make sense."

( 10 December 2022 | mso )