Swiss League

HC Thurgau has signed Mathieu Croce and extended the contracts of Severin Karrer and Louis Hungerbühler.

Mathieu Croce has agreed to a two-year contract with HC Thurgau. Last season, the 21-year-old goaltender played junior hockey in Finland and received the opportunity to suit up for Hermes in the Mestis for nine games.

Karrer and Hungerbühler, too, have received two-year contracts. They will train with HC Thurgau this offseason and, depending on the roster situation, either suit up for HCT or EHC Frauenfeld in the MyHockey League.

As previously announced, Luis Janett (EHC Biel), Jaison Dubois (HC La Chaux-de-Fonds), and Silvio Schmutz (retirement) will no longer play for HCT next season. Furthermore, the Lions have not issued an offer to Sebastiano Soracreppa, he will thus have to leave the team.

As for the other players, the team is currently in talks with them. They are also still looking for a head and assistant coach.

( 09 March 2024 | mso )