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There is an unwritten law that club coaches are not allowed to work for the national team. However, this might change soon.

Will Patrick Fischer receive help from the Swiss clubs?
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

According to Blick, Raeto Raffainer, the Director of National Teams, is going to bring this issue to the table at a meeting with the national team committee today. "I want to discuss this issue once and for all - regardless of any names - and take a decision in the interest of our hockey," Raffainer says.

Raffainer was not happy to see that with SC Bern's Kari Jalonen and SCL Tigers' Heinz Ehlers two coaches from Switzerland worked for opposing national teams at the World Championship. "It's rather odd that we can't rely on the know-how of our Swiss clubs, but our toughest opponents can," he said back then.

So far, several clubs were not happy to see coaches from other clubs working in any capacity for the national team out of fear that they might try to recruit players for their team.

( 05 June 2019 | tme )
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