Swiss National Team

Melvin Nyffeler (SCRJ Lakers), Joshua Fahrni (SC Bern), Luca Fazzini (HC Lugano), and Jason Fuchs (Lausanne HC) will not be part of the third week of preparation for the World Championships.

The goaltender and the three forwards will thus not be able to play at the Worlds. "All players practiced hard and worked well. This also applies to the four players I had to send home," Patrick Fischer, head coach of the national team, states. "That is why the decision was not easy. I am thankful for their commitment and their great effort."

While four players leave the team, Andres Ambühl, Enzo Corvi (HC Davos), and Reto Berra (HC Fribourg-Gottéron) join the national team for the third week of preparations. The Swiss will play two exhibition games against Latvia this weekend.

( 25 April 2022 | mso )