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As the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation confirms to Watson's Klaus Zaugg, they have applied for short-term work as of next month.

National team head coach Patrick Fischer
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

"Yes, we are going to introduce short-time work from April to and including June," SIHF president Michael Rindlisbacher tells Zaugg. "This applies to all our departments and the entire Swiss Ice Hockey organization."

«We are going to introduce short-time work from April to June»
SIHF president, Michael Rindlisbacher

When asked about if it also holds for the national team head coach, SIHF's Director of National Teams Lars Weibel affirms: "Yes, short-time work has also been applied for Patrick Fischer. It is obvious to him that he will do his bit to help out in this difficult situation."

Fischer with a salary of over CHF 300,000 (whereof CHF 148,000 can be registered for short-time work) and his assistant coach Tommy Albelin will waive eight percent of their monthly salary in the next three months. The SIHF's executive board, which cannot be put on short-term work, will forgo the same salary percentage.

On another note, regarding the vacant U20-national team coaching position, Lars Weibel confirms negotiations with Langnau's team manager Marco Bayer: "It's true that we are in talks with Marco Bayer and the SCL Tigers. We will inform as soon as the position is officially filled." As for the vacant U18-head coaching position, the replacement process has been postponed until further notice.

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