Swiss Ice Hockey

The federal council today could decide on whether to end the ban of 1000-spectators events.

Health minister Berset is looking for a national solution.

As the Tages-Anzeiger reports, various approaches will be discussed by the government today. The current strategy favoured by health minister Berset would extend the ban until September 30th, giving his department another six weeks to work out a national safety concept. Cantons would, however, still have to approve individual events.

This would likely mean that the start of both the National and Swiss League would have to be pushed back into the first week of October. Plans put forward by Guy Parmelin and Ueli Maurer would see the ban lifted either on September 1st or 15th. Both would allow for a regular season start on September 18th.

While the decision is excepted to be made today, the federal council could also push it back until next week.

( 12 August 2020 | yzu* )
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