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The Federal Council granted financial aid totaling 75 million francs to sports organizations, though the deal has to be reviewed.

Will the loan conditions for the teams change?

A report by Neue Zürcher Zeitung details how the National Council's Commission for Science, Education and Culture (WBK) has elected by a vote of 18-0 and 7 abstentions to ask the federal council to rework the framework. Among other things, they are demanding that the new deal will see no loan liability for the leagues, and that they will have a collateral for the loan in the maximum amount of 35 percent of the annual repayment installments.

The director of the National League & Swiss League Denis Vaucher as well as the director of the Swiss Football League Claudius Schäfer appeared before the commission to explain why the initial deal is not working for their leagues. The main issues are the harsh loaning conditions and a clause that would force clubs and leagues to assume liability for other clubs.

In a next step the commission of the Council of States will review the same deal, and if they reach the same verdict, the deal will have to be reworked and presented to parliament again.

( 15 August 2020 | yzu* )
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