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The Council of States looked at the proposal of the National Council today and made some adjustments.

The Council of States made changes to the proposal of article 8b.

This also concerns article 8b which is about the sports-aid package clubs might apply for. While the majority of the National Council suggested a collateral of 25% from the clubs, the Council of States wants the teams to put up a collateral of 35%.

They have, however, agreed to paragraphs 2 to 4 (loans can be at most 25% of the club's expenses during the 2018-19 season, if the loan is not paid back in three years, they have to cut salaries by up to 20%). Paragraph 2bis, on the other hand, which concerns subordinated loans, has not been passed by the Council of States as they want it deleted from article 8b.

While the Council of State voted to adopt the Covid-law, there are some points - the above article is an example for it - they did not agree on. Thus the new law has now been sent back to the National Council to resolve the differences.

( 10 September 2020 | mso* )

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