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The hiring of Eero Elo shows that high-profile import players are willing to sign for less money in order to play.

Eero Elo: a big name signed for cheap
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

Eero Elo will be paid 5000 francs per month by SC Langenthal, a steep drop from the 20'000 francs he received from SCL Tigers last season as Klaus Zaugg writes. This drop is not due to a lack of performance by the Finnish forward, but the fact that clubs are unable to offer more, and players do not have too many options.

As Biel's team manager Martin Steinegger explained, new import players salaries will drop 50 to 70% in the coming season. This could prove useful to clubs who have yet to fill import-vacancies. Both the SC Bern and Tigers have two open spots, though both clubs are currently on a hiring freeze.

Tigers' team manager Marc Eichmann made it clear that he's still looking to fill those spots: "We are monitoring the market closely, and if the price is right, we may sign more foreign players."

( 23 September 2020 | yzu )

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