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The lawyer, who specializes in Sports, Media, and Business Affairs, has supposedly promised to take on the position.

The Swiss League off to new adventures?

As the SIHF announced at the beginning of October, the Swiss League will soon follow the National League's example and found its own public limited company. According to Klaus Zaugg (Watson), the president of the newly independent Swiss League will be Jean Brogle.

Zaugg also reports, that while the National League will supposedly allow ten import players as of the 2022-23 season, the Swiss League will keep their current rule in place: only two import players are allowed on the ice.

There are, however, some problems that have yet to be solved. According to Zaugg, it is not yet clear how the promotion/relegation would work, as both leagues would be independent and could decide on their own set of rules.

Also, the question of what to do with the farm teams has yet to be answered. The same applies to the junior leagues. Up to now, the National League was responsible for running them. It remains to be seen whether the NL will continue to do so.

( 11 November 2020 | mso* )

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