Swiss Ice Hockey

As Sébastien Pico, CEO of EHC Visp, tells Le Nouvelliste, the National League and the Swiss League team will have a meeting today or tomorrow.

Monika Majer / RvS.Media

In the said meeting, they will discuss whether they will take a coordinated decision regarding the introduction of "2G" regulations in the arenas or whether each club will be able to decide on its own. The introduction of this rule would mean that only people who are vaccinated against Covid-19 or have recovered from Covid-19 are allowed to enter the arenas.

Pico, for his part, says that EHC Visp is discussing it, but that whatever their decision will be, it will be a difficult one to make, as they are bound to disappoint one section of their fans either way.

According to Der Landbote, EHC Winterthur's CEO Mario Antonelli, on the other hand, would definitely like to introduce a "2G" rule in their arena, as their fans would not have to wear masks then. The CEO of EV Zug, Patrick Lengwiler, is also not against "2G", but like Pico, he tells the Luzerner Zeitung that it is definitely a "delicate question" to discuss.

( 06 December 2021 | mso )