As Klaus Hartmann, president of the ÖEHV, says in an interview with Laola1, they want to keep working with their Swiss head coach.

Ailura / CC BY-SA 3.0

"We're definitely planning with him," Hartmann says. "We know that Bader has played a big part in our success." The ÖEHV's president is very happy with the performance of the Austrian national team at the World Championship so far: "We can all be very proud of how Austria presented itself."

Hartmann, however, does not know yet what Bader's overall role in the organisation will be: "Roger Bader's main focus is on the flagship, the first team, and then also the U20s," he says. "How to do it, whether to put Bader as sports director for the entire area, we're currently thinking about that."

( 23 May 2022 | tme )