Medical Report

As the Czech forward says in an interview with iSport, he is dealing with a lung embolism that will keep him off the ice for ten weeks.

Roman Červenka might only be back for the playoffs. / Andreas Haas

"I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what," the 32-year-old says to the Czech website iSport (relayed by SwissHabs). "It wasn't me, I didn't feel good at all." Eventually, the doctors not only diagnosed a thrombosis, but also a pulmonary embolism and an inflammation of the lung wall.

When exactly, Červenka will be able to return to game action is unknown. His lung embolism will need two weeks to heal and at least another ten to recover, according to the same source. "I'm under close supervision of the doctors, so there's nothing to worry about," Červenka says. "But it's not funny, that's clear."

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