The ZSC Lions' women's team just won the national championship. Now, they also had to announce the departure of four players.

Photo: swisshockeynews.ch

Alina Müller's departure to North America, where she will be joining Northeastern University in Boston, has been known for a while. The 20-year-old forward was the SWHL A's Top Scorer in both the regular season and the playoffs this season, as well as the MVP at the Olympics.

Christine Meier's retirement is also no surprise. The 31-year-old had an exceptional career, winning six national championships and five cup titles with the Lions, as well as being one of only six Swiss women so far to win a title in Sweden. She played 240 games for ZSC.

Besides those two losses, Zurich will also be going into the next season without the two Swiss-Canadian dual citizens Nicole Gass and Jessica Valloton. The former will return to North America after two seasons with the Lions. The latter sustained a concussion last November and even though she came back in time for playoffs, it is not sure whether she is going to continue her hockey career.

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