Swiss Women's Hockey Cup

Thanks to a 3-2 overtime victory against EV Bomo Thun, the ZSC Lions have won their second Swiss Women's Hockey Cup (SWHC) since its relaunch with a new formula three years ago.

Photo: Mauricette Schnyder

Because of the absence of defending Cup Champion HC Lugano Ladies, who were eliminated in the quarterfinals, current regular season winner and defending Swiss Champion ZSC Lions were the frontrunner in tonight's finals in Biasca.

The 16-0 win against Weinfelden was indeed an impressive semi-final win but in the final against EV Bomo Thun, who qualified for the finals with a 5-0 victory over Neuchâtel, the ZSC Lions had to deal with more resistance than initially expected.

The women from Thun were up 2-0 and kept the game open through to the third period when the Lions managed to equalize and finally took the win after the overtime. Nevertheless, for EV Bomo Thun, the "Silver Medal" is their biggest succes in the club's history.

Swiss Women's Hockey Cup Finals, Results:

Neuchâtel Hockey Academy - Bomo Thun 0:5 (0:1,0:1,0:1,0:3).
Weinfelden - ZSC Lions 0:16 (0:6,0:7,0:3)

Match for 3rd place
Neuchâtel Hockey Academy - Weinfelden 9:1 (2:0,5:1,2:0)

Bomo Thun - ZSC Lions 2-3 n. V. (0:0,1:0,1:2,0:1)

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