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Christian Dubé did not offer the forward a contract extension. Tristan Vauclair or Adrien Lauper, on the other hand, might have a chance to stay.

Flavio Schmutz will have to look for another team
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

"I have different options at the center with Marchon and Schmid, not to mention that we can normally line up a second import center," Team manager Christian Dubé tells La Liberté when asked about the reasons for Schmutz no receiving a new deal.

Tristan Vauclair and Adrien Lauper still have a chance of making the team next season. However, only one of them will get the opportunity, Dubé says: "There are three places left for Swiss players. In any case, I want to offer two of them to young people, both local and foreign. So I'm not going to keep both Vauclair and Lauper. But maybe one of them. Door's open. I'm genuinely undecided."

Vauclair, for his part, has not yet talked to Dubé, but he would like to play one last season for HC Fribourg-Gottéron. He does not exclude the option of playing in the Swiss League or even retirement after this season: "It all depends on opportunity and my physical condition."

Adrien Lauper would also like to stay in Fribourg, but his agent has not started negotiations yet. He is also not yet sure what he will do if there is no future with the Dragons for him.

( 12 January 2020 | mso*ech )

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