National League

Macquat's contract expires in the spring and the team did not activate the option by the end of December for an additional season.

Steve Macquat
Basile Barbey / RvS.Media

Asked by Le Quotidien Jurassien about his loan period in HC La Chaux-de-Fonds, Steve Macquat explains that he feels good receiving a lot of ice time and responsibilities, so much so that he seems inclined to stay in the Swiss League in the future: "Not activating the option isn't a negative no, but it's not a very good sign. Honestly, I don't really believe in the National League anymore," comments the 27-year-old forward on his contract with HC Ajoie.

Differently, Gillian Kohler, who has also been playing on loan to HC La Chaux-de-Fonds for a few weeks, still has solid ambitions. "Finding a place in the National League remains the ultimate goal" states the 23-year-old forward of HC Ajoie, whose contract also expires this spring.

As for the third player loaned by HC Ajoie to the Bees a couple of weeks ago, Bastien Pouilly, he still has a contract with the Ajoulots until 2025. However, the defender does not want to relive the same situation as this year: "If I'd known sooner that I was no longer in HCA's plans, I'd have asked to leave earlier. It's hard to be there without really being there. [...] I would have preferred to stay and play in the National League, but I'm taking my time at HCC in the right way". The 27-year-old defender then reveals to the newspaper that at the moment he does not how his future will look like.

( 26 January 2024 | lle )