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As the HCB Ticino Rockets are still waiting for an answer if they will be part of the new Swiss League as of 2022, they remain confident.

The HCB Ticino Rockets want to be part of the new Swiss League.

"Confident, not so much for the answer, but for the arguments that we have always had in support of our position," Davide Mottis, president of the Rockets explains to 20 minuti.

Mottis, however, is not sure if they will actually be included in the new Swiss League: "The feeling is that they want to make excuses to keep us out of the project." Mottis believes that there is some spite against teams that are involved with clubs from the National League.

Davide Mottis even accuses the Swiss League of a potential breach of law if they were excluded: "They are trying to assert their dominant position to try to eliminate competition and get more television rights. This would potentially break the rule on cartel law."

Moreover, Mottis criticizes the idea of including EHC Basel or EHC Arosa into the new league: "Clubs like Arosa and Basel come from nowhere (...). Basel has never been a hockey city, while Arosa has its tradition, but we are talking about history or even prehistory."

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